Chiro X-Ray Deals


Joe Hecker Diagnostic Imaging Systems I started DIS in 1983. Imaging products for Chiropractic medicine are sometimes hard to find. When a product or device wasn't available I would engineer one to fit the task. Examples are my Patented Dual Laser x-ray beam guide and our Versa-View line of specialty products.

I started in Medical imaging in 1976 right out of college. My first job was working as a sales/service medical imaging specialists. I worked for the company for 7 years before starting my own imaging company.

I was born in Dickinson, ND. I grew up on a farm south of Belfield. When I was in grade school my family and I moved to Fargo, ND. In 1978 I moved to Rapid City, SD.  I enjoy the mild climate, hiking, biking and the wonderful people. I have taken computer classes, Microsoft advance software and Vetray imaging software. I also, attended Specialty Seminars such as: Equine Dentistry and Product Importing/Exporting. I have also attended college at North Dakota State University, North Dakota State School of Science, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, and Western Dakota Tech. My major's are Computer Technology, Electronics Technology, and Electronics Engineering.

DIS continues to grow by expanding its digital imaging modality offerings which includes radiology, ultra-sound and patient monitors. Digital Imaging has become the imaging modality of choice, with most facility's upgrading to digital within the next 5-10 years. Digital imaging continues to improve image quality at a reduced cost with less procedure time and equipment down time.

When purchasing a digital x-ray system make sure the company you purchase from has a background in Digital Imaging, the more experience the better. This will help to insure your purchase provides a secure investment today and 10 years from now. Also make sure the product they are offering utilizes a Mature and secure technology, produces a quality image, has a full system warranty for at least a 1-5 year period, and has a 30-90 day like it or return it policy.