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Radiology Aprons

Diagnostic Imaging Systems offers THREE TYPES OF PROTECTION for most garments you may purchase.
* Regular Lead (most economical choice)
* Light-Weight Lead (more expensive that Regular Lead, but about 22% lighter in weight)
* LMG Lead-Free (42%-45% lighter than Regular Lead, among the lightest materials available)
* Lead on weight (over 43% lighter than regular lead)
* Mean on protection (offers the same Pb equivalency as lead)
* Green on the environment (lead-free means eco-friendly)

Diagnostic Imaging Systems can meet all of your radiation protection apparel needs. There are many more products available. So if you don't see what you need, just give us a call at 1-800-346-9729.

Economy Coat Paron (model E)Economy Coat Apron (model E) 

Economy Coat Apron - back
Economy Coat Apron, same style as our Model S. Only difference: Apron is available with 1” tie strap closures only.

• Available in our selection of solid color nylon or vinyl.
• Optional protection or customization not available.
• Available for immediate shipment in Royal Blue Nylon.

• Standard Protection: 0.5mm Pb Equivalency
• Not available in Light-weight or Lead Free

Find Your Fit and Protection
Fabrics (nylon)

Standard Coat Apron (model S) -frontStandard Coat Apron (model S)

Standard Coat Apron (model S) - back
Standard Coat Apron features open back with choice of durable 1” tie straps, quick release belt or hook and loop fastener that crosses the back and secures in front for a snug and comfortable fit. Shoulder pads included.

• Three Closure Options:
         Ties Model ST
         Quick Release Buckle Model SQR
         Hook & Loop Model SV velcro
• Available in a wide selection of fabrics.
• Custom Options available.

• Standard Protection: 0.5mm Pb Equivalency

Find Your Fit and Protection

Adjust-A-Fit Apron (model AF) Adjust-A-Fit Apron (model AF)
Adjust-A-Fit Apron (model AF) - back

Features two hook & loop fastening flaps at the waist, which aid in relieving weight off the shoulders and includes adjustable padded shoulders. Its comfortable fit is attained by varying the position of the flaps. Shoulder pads included. Pictured with Optional Patch Pocket. Model AF
Available with optional QR buckle closure. Model AFQR

• Standard Protection: 0.5mm Pb Equivalency

Find Your Fit and Protection