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14x17 Cassette-Size Wireless Flat Panel System


The REVOLUTIONARY DR-wizard flat panel system is the pinnacle in the final EVOLUTION of Flat-panel Digital X-ray detector Technology.

Now you can have all the benefits a TRUE DR FLAT PANEL SYSTEM has to offer plus the convenience of receiving and transmitting X-RAY IMAGES wirelessly within seconds from anywhere in your facility or in the field at the COST OF A CONVENTIONAL LOW PRICED CR SYSTEM!

If you were waiting for the DR prices to drop as the next generation DR flat panel technology is introduced, it just happened. The lowest priced next generation digital technology is here. This cutting edge DR-wizard technology is so revolutionary that it is considered the end game to all digital imaging technologies. When you purchase the new DR-wizard for your new or replacement digital system three things will happen, you will be increasing your bottom line FOR THE LONG TERM FUTURE, plus saving time while increasing your image quality. Now that’s a statement of Value you can hang your hat on.

  • 14x17 Cassette-Size (Fits into standard bucky tray cabinets without any modifications)
  • Wireless (No connection to computer necessary. No cables to run)
  • WiFi Connectivity (Connect a tablet for easy viewing away from your computer-with PACS option)
  • Durable Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction (Portable and long-lasting design)
  • Water Resistant (Small spills will not damage the panel)
  • Shock Resistant (Drop tested from waist high and still in perfect working order)
  • Lithium Ion Battery (Long lasting battery operation in the field)
  • No Pin Connection-Magnetically Coupled Power Source (Pull the cord and it detaches from panel without pulling the panel to the ground, preventing damage)
  • Automatic X-Ray Dose Recognition
  • Low dose required (Less radiation exposure for patient and staff)
  • Automatic X-Ray Exposure Detection (No connection to generator necessary)
  • Full System Package (Comes complete with panel, computer and software)
  • State-of-the-Art Software (Easily capture, review and manipulate images for a thorough and accurate examination)

CHIRO software: Included Customized Tools for Optimal Practice Workflow
  • Horizontal Cephalic Line, Frontal Plane Analysis, Cervical Curve Tool
  • Georges Line, Vertical Axis Line, Level Tool
  • Measuring: ASP – Atlas Sagital Plane Line
  • Measuring: Axial Circle
  • Measuring: AHR – Atlas Horizontal Rotation
  • Measuring: Full Ilium Analysis
  • Digital Templating: Frontal Cephalic Line (FCL)
opal-rad software

opal-rad software