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CTS-5500 Ultrasound

The CTS-5500 is a high-end digital ultrasound imaging system. It can be equipped with a variety of special probes, meeting the examination and diagnosis requirements for different patients. The system plays an important role in injury diagnosis of joint and tendon, organ disease diagnosis such as cardiology, pregnancy check, ovarian growth check for increasing conception rate, as well as biological engineering research such as assisting embryo transplantation. CTS-5500 Ultrasound

CTS-5500V System To Include:
  • CTS-5500V Ultrasound Unit
  • 1 Convex or Linear Probe
CTS-5500V Ultrasound System Advanced Features / Benefits:
  • Fully-digital imaging
  • Exceptional image (10" screen)
  • Internal image storage
  • Software package
  • External battery charger and car lighter adapter
  • USB drive for transmitting images to computer
  • UNIX upgradeable platform
  • Fast processor