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DR 4300C 17x17 Digital Flat Panel System

DR Smart Flat Panel ADVANCED FEATURED Digital Imaging SystemDR 4300

The New DR Navigator Flat Panel is the most extraordinary advancement in digital radiography. Engineered for the most demanding practitioners. Incomparable ease of use. Diagnostic quality images in just seconds. The DR 4300C Smart Flat Panel frees your staff from the darkroom and is designed to operate in any room. The DR 4300C Smart Flat Panel simplifies your entire imaging process: acquisition, diagnosis, storage, transfer and maintenance. Now you and your patients can benefit from all the advantages of the most popular type of digital imaging system available.

DR 4300C Smart Flat Panel Advanced Features / Benefits:
  • Elimination of film processing
  • No odors or hazardous waste materials
  • Faster image display
  • Decrease of patient x-ray retakes in some cases
  • Image manipulation for enhanced diagnosis (zoom, contrast, tilt, color, special filters, archiving, etc..)
  • Less expensive to operate (eliminate chemicals, Film and processor)
  • Less time consuming, little maintenance, no processor cleaning
  • Better reliability-consistent & repetitive high quality images
  • Less patient stress, increased image diagnostic information & manipulation with less patient movement
  • Capable of transmitting images via e-mail
  • Archival, long-term storage and retrieval of
  • Approximately 20,000 Images are stored in the computer for easy accessibility & transfer
  • A comprehensive toolkit permits physicians to adjust image gray scale window/level, ensuring confidence in their assessments
  • Transmits DR images using the DICOM format and protocol to any DICOM based PACS