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Apogee-1100 Ultrasound

The standard in today's Ultrasound, the Apogee-1100 offers high quality digital diagnostic imaging wherever/whenever you want. Excellent imaging performance and reliable diagnosis make clinical examination much more effective. Powered by the XD Engine, the Apogee-1100 optimizes imaging precision via all digital technologies and ensures the reality and perfection of images. Apogee 1100

Apogee 1100 System To Include:
  • Apogee 1100 Ultrasound Unit
  • Two probes-C3L60K Convex & L8L38K Linear
Apogee 1100 Ultrasound System Advanced Features / Benefits:
  • 12" LCD monitor
  • Two transducer connectors
  • Up to 2000 frames B mode sine
  • 3 meter power cable
  • Two USB ports
  • Measurement & calculation software packages
  • Instruction manual
  • Internal battery charger
  • USB disk and large capacity hard disk image storage
  • Power supply
  • Hard carrying case