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Digital Radiography

The future of Chiropractic Digital Imaging starts with a new DR System from Diagnostic Imaging Systems.

In the past, DR Systems were too expensive for Chiropractors to even think about buying them, but now things have changed and the price barrier has been broken.

NEW DR flat panel systems allow the Chiropractor to keep an existing x-ray table and upgrade to digital. By adding this flat panel detector your Chiropractic facility can easily upgrade to digital for a cost-effective price.

Click on a product below to see what the benefits of Diagnostic Imaging Systems' Digital DR Systems could be for your Chiropractic practice.

DR-wizard Flat Panel System
DR 3500

DR 3500 Digital Flat Panel System
DR 4300
DR 4300 Digital Flat Panel System
iDR Direct Capture System
iDR34-Dual Zone Direct Capture
iDR-L - Full spine