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ULTRA 9030HF Portable X-Ray Machine

HF X-ray generator for orthopedic film radiography (portable, for equines)

 Portable X Ray - Ultra 9030HF

ULTRA 9030HF brochure

Buy 90kV 30mA portable x-ray unit

MOST POWERFUL X-ray Unit in its class

"Ultra 9030HF" for Equine Veterinary Use
Innovative designed Ultra-Light, high frequency portable x-ray unit features automated control systems which deal with weak power supply conditions automatically. Producing consistent quality films in the field or office, even while operating on 150' extension cord. This units 90kV, 30mA output produces more x-ray MR output than ordinary lightweights.
Ultra Lite: Only 16 lbs!
Ultra Fast: Stifles in less than .05 seconds.
Ultra Powerful: 90kV/30mA
Ultra Detail: 1kV steps @ 40-90kV
Ultra Accurate: Automatic line current compensation.
Ultra High Frequency: Twice as powerful as other units.
Ultra Programmable: Technique memory settings.
Ultra Easy: Soft Touch Controls with Digital displays
Ultra Collimator: Calibrated cassette size indicator dials.
Ultra Compact Size: 10.5”L x 6”W x 6.75”H.