Chiro X-Ray Deals

Used Equipment

Diagnostic Imaging Systems often receives used equipment as trade-ins. Our Service Department thoroughly inspects each unit and restores it to the manufacturer's specs.

All used equipment subject to prior sale. Contact Scott Hecker at 1-800-346-9729 for more information on any of our used equipment.

AGFA CP1000 Price: $2,500AGFA CP1000
The AGFA CP1000 is a compact, light-weight and easy-to-use automatic film processor. It has automatic temperature control and drying, produces no waste water and, above all it comes at the right price.

CR 14x36 Digital Navigator Price: $14,995CR 14x36 Digital Navigator
The extraordinarily advanced CR 14x36 Digital Navigator delivers detail-rich digital images on the spot — wherever you work. The CR 14x36 Digital Navigator performs to the highest standards, all while eliminating the hassles of film-based imaging. Incomparable Ease of Use. Superior Resolution. Diagnostic Quality images in just seconds. The CR 14x36 Digital Navigator frees your staff from the darkroom. The system is designed to load and operate in normal room lighting. The CR 14x36 Digital Navigator simplifies your entire imaging process: acquisition, diagnosis, storage and maintenance. Accepts multiple plate sizes; up to 14" in width and up to 51" in length. Scans up to four phosphor plates simultaneously in just seconds. Comprehensive software joins the files to produce a detail-rich, accurate digital image. X-Ray source flexibility. Works with any X-ray source so there’s is no need to purchase additional X-ray equipment. Perfect For Your Most Demanding Patients. Easily detect abnormalities in the full length of the spine.

Kodak CR 120 Point of Care System Price: $14,500Kodak PoC 120 used
The Kodak CR 120 System is ideal for a wide range of computed radiography examinations in specialty practice. It is also well suited for small clinics and mobile units. This system enables all imaging functions to be performed at the point of patient care with one compact, affordable package, that is perfect for environments where small size, simplicity of use, and performance and value are critical.

Kodak CR 140 Point of Care System Price: $15,500Kodak PoC 120 used
The KODAK Point-of-Care CR 140 System is ideal for computed radiography examinations in busy clinics and specialty practices such as chiropractors, podiatrists, and orthopaedists. It is also recommended for satellite locations, and remote sites such as military field installations.

The ALLPRO ScanX 12 EV Portable Price: $13,995ScanX 12 EV Portable used
The ALLPRO ScanX 12 EV Portable is a fast, affordable, versatile DICOM imaging system that has finally become affordable for the average Chiropractor. This unit is completely portable and can be transported and operated right from your vehicle. The system can be easily powered with an inverter hooked to your vehicle's batterty. The ScanX 12 EV is designed to operate in a rugged environment. Weighs only 32 lbs out of the case. Comes in either a hard case or soft "tote bag" making it easy to move from your vehicle to a client's house. Comes with built in 'IN LINE ERASER'. When activated this feature automatically erases the plate as it exit's the scanner.

ScanX 10M System Price: $12,995ScanX 10M System used
The ScanX 10M Integrates Easily into your Workflow. ScanX Computed Radiography is an advanced digital imaging system that rapidly produces digital, diagnostic quality radiographs. And, thanks to the In-Line Erase feature, images can be scanned, viewed and erased in seconds. ScanX operates in normal room light so there is no need for a darkroom. Going digital with ScanX also eliminates the hassles of chemistry and chemistry disposal. This system accommodates all intraoral sizes for dental use, plus 8" x 10" and 10" x 12" for full body images. Manufactured in September of 2008.