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Replacement HF X-Ray Generators

Replacement HF X-Ray Generators Replacement HF X-Ray Generators

Upgrade now and SAVE!

  • Superior Accuracy, Reproducibility and Stability: +(1%+1)kV, +(3%+1)mA
  • kV calibration, mA Auto calibration, kV & mA waveform display and analysis program - quick and easy calibration without external measuring instruments
  • Adaptable mA calibration - automatically calibrates mA drifts due to the filament aging after long term use of the X-ray tube
  • All system setting is done easilyin the console by using the graphic LCD
  • Supports easy Firmware Update for future upgrade
  • Replacement HF X-Ray Generators
  • Displays System Diagnosis, Error Log and Statistical Data
  • Remote Diagnosis Software for system diagnosis via internet connection - before service engineer visits the site, the generator problem can be analyzed by the manufacturer and its solution can be devised: reduce service cost and downtime
  • Real-time monitoring self diagnosis and error code display
  • Tube anode HU display & protection, overload & housing overheat protection
  • Anatomical programs (APR) - programmable 768 APR conditions and extra 25 user-defined programs