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CTS-3300 Ultrasound

The CTS-3300, designed especially for the users, is the new generation digital ultrasound. Based on the transplanted high-end medical ultrasound technical platform, the CTS-3300 is endorsed with excellent image quality and practical operation procedures, together with users' application preference and comments. CTS-3300 Ultrasound

Standard Configuration:
  • Main unit 1 unit
  • High-resolution non-interlace monitor 1 unit
  • Super broadband convex probe 1 pc
  • Accessories: 1 set (dustproof cover, foot switch, operating manual, cords, etc.)
Portable, Fully-Digital, Broadband
  • Exceptional image (10" screen)
  • High-Density Broadband 5-Frequency Probes
  • Robust 256-frame Cineloop
  • Selective Range TGC Gain Sliders
  • USB Drive for transfering images to computer
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Optional cart or custom carrying case
  • 24-month Warranty