Ortho X-Ray Deals


80kV/30mA HF portable X-ray generator

Portable X-Ray - Ultra 8030HFInnovative designed Ultra-Light, high frequency portable x-ray unit features automated control systems which deal with weak power supply conditions automatically. Producing consistent quality films in the field or office.

90kV/30mA HF portable X-ray generator 
 Portable X Ray - Ultra 9030HF
MOST POWERFUL X-ray Unit in its class for Orthopedic use. The ULTRA 9030Hf is the only unit featuring 82-103vAc operation at as little as 5 amps current supply.

100kV/40mA HF portable X-ray generator  
Portable X Ray - Ultra 10040HF 
“Built To Handle The Extremes”
Introducing the NEW Advanced featured “ULTRA 10040HF”, the most powerful, 100kV high frequency, compact sized portable x-ray machine, designed for use in the field or in the office.

100kV/60mA HF portable X-ray generator (220V) 
Portable X Ray - Ultra 10060HF
“DR Ready”
Introducing the NEW Advanced featured “ULTRA 10060HF”, the most powerful, 100kV ultralight, high frequency, compact sized portable, designed for use in the field or the office.


120kV/40mA HF portable X-ray generator  
 Portable X Ray - Ultra 12040HF
ULTRA 12040HF is the most compact sized, lightest, highest powered, 120kV ultra light, highly efficient portable designed especially for the orthopedic practitioner. It features 40-120kV, in 1kV increments and with its ripple-free HFG system, you can shoot up to 120kV, 40mA with full logic control operation. It also provides high resolution imaging at lower dosages.

Poskom PXM-20BT Hybrid Battery Powered Portable
100kV/20mA HF portable X-ray generator

Poskom PXM-20BTbattyer powered Portable x-ray unitNo external power source is required for producing the precious radiographic images PXM-BT generators are designed with state of the art Microprocessor Controls and PROM memory for preset APR programming, battery-status readouts and mAs energy-level displays including the dual laser collimator.

Poskom PXM-40BT Hybrid Battery Powered Portable
100kV/35mA HF portable X-ray generator

Poskom PXM-40BTbattyer powered Portable x-ray unitPXM-40BT are the most compact and lightweight battery-powered, cordless, portable X-ray units in the medical market today. Utilizing revolutionary micro technology and a powerful Lithium-Ion Battery, the PXM-BT portables deliver the power up to 3000 mAs without recharging the battery.

Poksom Vet-20BT Hybrid Battery Powered Portable
90kV/20mA HF portable X-ray generator

poskom vet-20bt battery powered portable x-ray unitThe VET-20BT Hybrid battery Portable is the lightest, most compact hybrid battery powered generator and the most advanced portable X-ray unit in the radiology market today.