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Radiation Protection

Diagnostic Imaging Systems offers THREE TYPES OF PROTECTION for most garments you may purchase.
* Regular Lead (most economical choice)
* Light-Weight Lead (more expensive that Regular Lead, but about 22% lighter in weight)
* LMG Lead-Free (42%-45% lighter than Regular Lead, among the lightest materials available)
* Lead on weight (over 43% lighter than regular lead)
* Mean on protection (offers the same Pb equivalency as lead)
* Green on the environment (lead-free means eco-friendly)

Diagnostic Imaging Systems can meet all of your radiation protection apparel needs. There are many more products available. So if you don't see what you need, just give us a call at 1-800-346-9729.



Gloves and Arm Protection

Lead GlovesArm Protection


Fully Attached CollarThyroid Collar


Radiation Safety Cap

Gonadal and Overian Belt System

Eye and Face Protection

Wrqap Around GlassesVisor Guard Panoramic Shield