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Full Spine Imaging Detector

Clear Diagnostic Images with Advanced ICE-2 Processing

No Image Stitching, One Image, One Dose


One solution to address all your long-bone imaging needs. Introducing the iDR-L – a seamless, high-resolution detector that offers full spine, regional, and zone scanning capabilities. This direct capture solution revolutionizes how full-spine imaging is achieved.

iDR-L Method: The long-bone radiography platform utilizes a 17"by 51" detector plate that eliminates the need for a cassette. Integrating phosphor plate technology, the iDR-L boasts a higher resolution than standard DR while maintaining the same workflow. This solution sends complete image information directly to the scan processor skipping lengthy image stitching processes.

iCR Chrom specs


Powered by ICE-2

ICE-2 is the next generation of image processing. We upgraded our processing algorithm to enhance visuals, maximize resolution, and offer advanced evaluation tools for image manipulation. Our automatic image processing package increases visualization of fine-line detail and soft-tissue contrast. The Smart Smoothing™ technology improves image quality while preserving diagnostic detail for thicker body parts.

Antiquated Long-Bone Imaging Methods

The iDR-L's revolutionary technology advances the methods used to process long-bone imaging. Its slim, wall-mounted design provides a full-spine image in a single exposure. There's nothing else like it in the world. Don't take our word for it, read through the traditional long-bone scan processes and compare it to our innovative design.

True Flat Scan Path

A common problem with many computed radiography scanners is that phosphor screens are damaged over time as they are bent, folded, or bumped. Chrome overcomes this dilemma through our True Flat Scan Path™ (TFSP) technology. Our phosphor screens never leave the protecting casings of the cassette, thus preserving image quality and preventing damage during image acquisition.

TFSP offers long-term excellence in image quality. It promises over 300,000+ images per phosphor screen. No one in the market has come close to this level of quality assurance which is why iCRco maintains its position as a world leader in computed radiography solutions.

Our Solution

Traditional DR Room Method

Traditional DR rooms have patients maintain a single position for up to three minutes, while the technologist takes three exposures. These exposures are stitched together to create a single image of the spine or leg.

The problem : The process is very long and if the technologist does not insert the cassettes in a particular order, the image stitching is compromised and patient will consequently be re-imaged. It&339;s also no longer necessary to synthetically render three images into one image.

Traditional CR Room Method

Traditional CR rooms take a long-bone image in a single exposure. The cassettes are then removed, one by one, and inserted into a nearby scanner. The scan unit reads each cassette and through the software, stitches the three images together using a processing algorithm to render a single image.

The problem : This procedure takes quite a bit of time. If the technologist does not insert the cassettes in the correct order, the image stitching is compromised and the entire procedure will need to be repeated, thus exposing the patient a second time.

The Verdict

When it comes to long-bone imaging, the iDR-L surpasses all competitors. There is no need to expose the patient multiple times, no need to wait while images are stitched, and no need to handle multiple cassettes. This solution simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on the essential aspects of your practice.



Spot Size
Per mm
Dots Per
Inch (DPI)
Line Pairs
Per mm
200 5 127 2.5
100 10 254 5

Grayscale resolution
  • 16 bits/pixel source file, 65536 shades of gray
  • 17" x 51" active area. 14"x 51" option
  • Wall mounted, upright full-spine imaging
  • Approx. 100 lbs
  • W22.5" x D6.32" x H72.25"
Power source
  • 100-240V AC/ 2.5A max
  • 47-63Hz (Universal power supply)
  • 24V option available
Heat generation
  • Standby 230W
  • Maximum 1610W
Operating conditions
  • Temperature: 0-40°C/32-105°F
  • Temperature change: 0.5°C/min
  • Humidity: 15%-95% RH
  • Magnetic fields: max 1260 μT(in conformance with EN 61000-4-8: level 3)
  • 10 A/m
  • * Design and Specifications may change without notice

iDR-L Wall Stand

iCRco offers a fully adjustable vertical wall stand, which includes an "EZ-Glide" motorized lift that allows the iDR-L to ascend or descend to any desired position. The wall stand provides imaging flexibility for chest, abdomen, whole spine, and simultaneous poster anterior (PA) and lateral imaging.